20 Apr 2008

Vantage Point lyrics

The lyrics of all Vantage Point songs are now in the song book, along with information about each song, compiled from the Pocket Revolution blog. I also added "Oh Well", a song title which appeared on a white board in the dEUS studio.

  1. When She Comes Down
  2. Oh Your God
  3. Eternal Woman
  4. Favourite Game
  5. Slow
  6. The Architect
  7. Is A Robot
  8. Smokers Reflect
  9. The Vanishing of Maria Schneider
  10. Popular Culture

14 Apr 2008

The Architect/Slow single, Universal Belgium

I added the Universal Belgium release of The Architect/Slow, thanks to RabbitField's Marc.

The Architect/Slow promo CD

New in the discography: the Architect/Slow promo CD. Thanks to Kevin for scanning all that stuff.

4 Apr 2008

Vantage Point promo details

I added the watermarked promo version of Vantage Point to the discography, including scans of the rear cover artwork and of the disc. The new visual identity of dEUS is a complete success.

29 Mar 2008

New feature: Twitter updates

On the left sidebar, you'll see a new section: "Hotellounge on Twitter"? That's the RSS feed of the Twitter page I created for hotellounge.com. Thanks to that I can post updates on the go, including live feedback during concerts (that's the main idea for using this, actually). Feel free to add that page's RSS feed to your news reader.

(No idea what RSS is? It's a really useful technology!)

Motel Mozaique, Slow 7", Vantage Point 12" & digi

Added the April 11 Motel Mozaique tour date, and some discography elements: the Slow 7" and the Vantage Point digipack and LP.

28 Mar 2008

Press: Tom interview by FM4

Here's the English translation of yesterday's interview with Tom Barman on the FM4 website, thanks to lovedeus.

27 Mar 2008

Listen to the 2005 Barcelona gig

On the Pocket Revolution tour I followed dEUS around a bit, usually with my MD-recorder running in my back pocket. Here's my recording of the Barcelona gig from December 2005. It's very unprofessional, as I danced and sang a lot.

Evergreen (Nothing Really Ends)

The audio/video section contained a whole lot of links that don't work anymore, so I removed all those. I also added a 2000 radio performance of Evergreen (RealAudio format), a song which would later be expanded and released as Nothing Really Ends. Quinten, webmaster of the fantastic Deadbeattown, recorded that one.

And if you haven't watched it yet, there's also a 1-hour long video of Tom & Guy at the Montreux Jazz Festival, back in 2000. Look for it in the video section.

Meeting You: lyrics

Here are the lyrics to Meeting You, a 2005 dEUS B-side released on the 7 days, 7 weeks EP, courtesy of Eva.

Is it kinda wasted
Am I wasting my time
Someone never helps me
Not losing my mind

Oooh it's kinda funny
Meeting you
Oooh it's kinda funny
Meeting you

Someone stole my bike now
It was red and broken and twisted
The brakes were dead

Oooh it's kinda funny
I meant to drive it to you

Oooh it's kinda funny
I meant to drive it to you